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The Arizona Archaeological Council is a non-profit voluntary association that promotes the goals of professional archaeology in Arizona.

Dedicated to preserving cultural resources through education and advocacy, the Council embraces a diverse membership drawing from avocationalists, academics, private business, local communities and federal, state and tribal agencies.

2020 AAC Virtual Conference

Due to the on-going pandemic, the AAC board will to hold a virtual Zoom-based conference on October 23, 2020, consisting of a two-hour event with a post-conference happy hour. We intend to host a series of 5-minute “lightning talks” that may include a brief slideshow from representative CRM firms regarding current Arizona archaeology, as well as general presentations (20-minute length). Please provide submissions no later than September 30, 2020 to be considered for participation in this event.

2021 AAC Elections

The Arizona Archaeological Council is soliciting nominations for five Board positions for the 2021 calendar year. Full duties and responsibilities for elected positions can be found here. The following positions are open:

  • President-Elect

    • The President-Elect serves as a member of the Board and has the same duties and responsibilities of the other members.
    • Understand the AAC by-laws.
    • Follow Robert Rules of Order during each meeting.
    • Vote on resolutions of the AAC.
    • Introduce or second motions of the board.
    • Responsible (with other Board members) for approving all expenditures of the AAC. The President can authorize expenditures of up to $1,000 per year without Board approval if the expenditures are consistent with the mission and Bylaws of the AAC.
    • Can be asked to assist other board members on specific tasks or to serve on committees, as needed.
    • Attend and support AAC annual conference.
    • Attend and support AZSITE Board meetings, if available.
    • Information Officer

      • Understand the AAC by-laws.
      • Follow Robert Rules of Order during each meeting.
      • Maintain AAC website with current news items, job postings, membership documents and information, and Journal of AZ Archaeology volumes. 
      • Remove old information and update officers and other aspects of the website as needed. 
      • Curate and maintain documents from the website as needed. Upload any created files desired for future AAC members to the Dropbox Legacy files. 
      • Create election polls. 
      • Monitor Facebook and Linked-In accounts (shared with Secretary). Add members and news items as needed/discussed. Assist Secretary with email account management if necessary. 
      • Resolve membership-related issues as it pertains to the website (e.g. update the website with new membership information for new members/current members). Coordinate with Treasurer to solve renewal issues as needed. 
      • Send out email blasts as required by the Board. 
      • Design and populate AAC Newsletter 2 times per year.  A newsletter must be distributed before the Conference. 
      • Attend AAC board meetings, follow-up with Secretary for notes and missing portions. 
      • Submit update on any website issues as needed at each meeting. 
      • Attend and support AAC annual conference.
    • Secretary

      • Understand the AAC by-laws.
      • Follow Robert Rules of Order during each meeting.
      • Attend all AAC board meetings. If unable to attend then delegate Secretary duties to a substitute. 
      • Prepare and maintain minutes of all meetings. 
      • Within two weeks after a meeting submit the meeting minutes for approval to the Board. 
      • Provide the Information Officer with the approved minutes for the Newsletter.
      • Maintain list of all motions made and voted on, and store Board decisions in the AAC Dropbox account.  
      • Manage the AAC Gmail account, including answering or forwarding emails to the President for response, and categorizing correspondences for filing. 
      • Maintain and update the Board contact list and Calendar. 
      • Maintain and update the AAC calendar of events and deadlines.
      • Maintain master list of AAC membership.
      • Support Information Officer with publishing applicable information on the AAC Facebook account and on the LinkedIn account.
      • Visit Post Office to obtain key, and check the AAC’s P.O. Box at least once a month, in coordination with the Board Treasurer, for receipt of relevant mail and membership checks. 
      • Management of membership profiles, in  coordination with the Board Treasurer, through the AAC’s website account, upon receipt of membership payment via check. 
      • Organize and maintain the AAC library of documents and administrative files.
      • Attend and support AAC annual conference.

    • At-Large Board Member (2 positions)

      • Understand the AAC by-laws
      • Follow Robert Rules of Order during each meeting.
      • The primary responsibility is voting on resolutions of the AAC.
      • Introduce or second motions of the Board. 
      • Responsible for approving expenditures of the AAC.
      • The Member-at-Large shall hold office for two years, maintain good standing and must attend AAC meetings to ensure a quorum. 
      • Can be asked to assist other board members on specific tasks or to serve on committees, as needed. 
      • Attend and support AAC annual conference.

      The Secretary, Information Officer, and At-Large Board Members each serve for a two-year period. The President-Elect  will serve for one year in that position, one year as President, and one year as immediate Past President.

      Members in good standing interested in running for any of these positions can apply via email to We will solicit requests to run until September 30th – and voting will take place in mid October. The Board Members will be announced at the Virtual Fall Conference on October 23, 2020.

      If you are interested, please provide a short bio blurb indicating why you are a good candidate for the AAC Board. Please send information to

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